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Year 4, 5 and 6 - The Hive

In only four weeks, we have managed to fit A LOT in! Spring term has ended and we are thrilled with what we have accomplished.

Our ‘Romans’ topic has continued and have been learning all that we needed in order to answer our Big Question – How did the Roman occupation of Britain impact our society today? We took a trip over to Rushcliffe Park where our historical learning came to life! We dressed up as Roman Soldiers and fought against the dreaded Boudicca! We also worked in teams to race against the clock in building our own catapults to knock down a large archway. This really allowed everything we had learnt to ‘stick’ in our minds. What fun!


Our history also fed into our English lessons where we delved into the text of ‘Escape From Pompeii’. We found out about the devastation of which occurred all of those years ago and the ruins that still remain today. We have written our own emotive narratives from the perspective of someone who lived through the disaster. We had to think really carefully about the audience, the purpose, and the effect that we wanted our writing to have.


In science we have continued to learn about SPACE! We used our knowledge on the planets and have found out more about geocentric verses heliocentric, and day and night!

This close link with DT also carried on, where moved on to making our very own soft toys to go alongside the pop-up books we made previously. For this, we had to conquer the ‘blanket’ stitch. A lot of perseverance was needed here but we did not give up!

Within Maths, the children have been using what they know in fractions to make links to decimals. We will soon be looking at percentages too which will then show how all link together. Making links in our learning is something we are really good at, and it helps us with so much!

We have been adding to our French vocabulary with Mrs Grimes, where we have been learning how to name professions and say what we would and would not like to do. This has been interesting to think about in both languages!

In PE, we have been establishing some brilliant hockey skills. Kat has been working with us weekly to help us progress ready for us to take part in a team game! It’s always great when sport and fun come together.

You would think that in a 4-week half term, there might not be time for additional, memorable experiences but my oh my, we managed to fit a lot in! This includes events such as a sponsored ‘leap’ on a bouncy castle for the ‘leap year’, World Book Day, Comic Relief and an afternoon dedicated to Science to embrace British Science Week! With all of that having gone on, we are ready for a restful Easter break. However, as always, we are excited to be back for the summer term!