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Year 4, 5 and 6 - The Hive

The Hive have had an incredible start to the academic year! It has been a jam-packed half term, filled with exciting learning opportunities and experiences. We are pleased to say our head boy and head girl are officially underway with their new roles and the school council members have had a few meetings with Mrs Morris to make plans for this year ahead, their first being the MacMillan bake sale!

As part of our Natural Disaster topic, our key text has been Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo. This has allowed us to explore how the impact of a natural disaster can alter people’s lives and has been a thought-provoking stimulus for our descriptive writing within English lessons.

The children have demonstrated understanding and motivation during our place value unit of learning in Maths. We have explored up to 6-digit numbers and have learnt how to read, write, round, order and compare them. We have even created human number lines!

In Science, we have been investigating exciting concepts within our space topic. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed demonstrating their understanding to fellow class members to show how the moon and Earth orbit the sun using physical theatre. Pupils have made valuable links between their Science and Geography lessons when learning about the structure of our planet and how the movement of tectonic plates can cause earthquakes.

We are fully enjoying our visits from Mrs Grimes who has joined us for several sessions to deliver French speaking lessons, which will continue into next half term. Pupils in the Hive have demonstrated courage when learning to pronounce new words and have been aspirational whilst learning a modern foreign language.

We are on a roll with our guitar lessons, where Mr Rigugiato has taught the children how to hold, look after and play a few cords on the guitar. It has been a pleasure to observe such respectful and kind behaviours as all the children begin to develop new musical skills.

We are very proud of our pupils for being self-regulated when taking part in the 2K this half term. Each week, pupils heave continued to beat their previous times and continue to demonstrate a good sporting attitude when cheering their class members on.