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Year 2 and 3 - Class 2

A warm welcome to Class 2, we are a mixed year group class that has Years 3, 4 and 5 taught together by Mrs Hayley Traynor. 

Mrs Traynor is an experienced teacher who has worked at Ab Kettleby for some time so knows the school and the children very well, she is also a Designated Safeguard Lead which is a vital role within the school community along with the school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo).

Currently there are 22 children in Class 2 and they cover a wide range of activities along with curriculum based lessons, which include Maths, English, Science, Modern Foreign Language, music and PE.

Mrs Traynor works closely with other schools within the Mowbray Education Trust and also regularly interacts with Somerby Primary School, the other small village school within the Trust.