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School Council

Welcome to our School Council!

At Ab Kettleby Primary School we have 6 school council members with 2 representatives from each class. All children were elected to be part of the school council due to their commitment to listening to all voices in the school and wanting to better the school and community. 

Our school council representatives are:
Class 1 - Beatrice and Nathaniel
Class 2 - Sophie and Eliott
Class 3 - Edith and Henry

The school council oversee all our school values and are considered excellent role models of this already. The school council are all striving towards the same common goal which is to help the children of Ab Kettleby become proud of their environment, kind, self-regulated and respectful individuals, so that they leave Ab Kettleby with the skills to become life-long learners. 

Throughout the year our school council will decide upon a chosen charity and work with the entire school to help raise money in a way which is innovative and creative. Once each event/fundraiser has taken place, the school council will decide upon their next chosen charity.