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School Council

Welcome to our School Council!

Our School Council is made up of two pupils from each class, elected at the beginning of the year. Each representative was chosen due to their commitment to listening to all voices in the school and for striving to make a difference in our school community. The school council oversee all our school values and are considered excellent role models of this already.

We have elected a head boy and girl who will also be part of the school council.

Each week, they attend a School Council meeting where numerous matters are discussed. The School Council are all striving towards the same common goal which is to ensure the children of Ab Kettleby are proud of their environment, and are kind, self-regulated and respectful individuals, so that they leave Ab Kettleby with the skills to become life-long learners. 

Our head boy and girl are:
Head Boy - Bobby 
Head Girl - Millie

Our school council representatives are:
Class 1 – Thomas and Lennie
Class 2 – Seb and Livvy
Class 3 - Olivia and Thomas

Throughout the year, the School Council will support local and national charities in innovative and creative ways. Already this year, School Council have organised a bake sale to raise donations to Macmillan Cancer Support where they raised an incredible £79.30.
During the first term, student council led an assembly to educate our pupils on relevant issues to help educate and keep our pupils safe. They explored what our pupils are exposed to when online and then suggested ways to keep themselves safe. They have made a real impact.

During the Spring term, the school council worked hard when preparing a student led workshop that considered the question ‘Why do we have rules even if they stop us doing what we want?’ which was delivered to all 3 classes. They supported our pupils in making links between the British Value of ‘Rule of Law’ and our own school rules. School council will also be supporting the fundraising for Red Nose Day on March the 17th through our ‘Dress for Joy’ themed day.

Next term, School council shall be turning their attention to the importance of being tolerant within our school community. They shall devise a class-based activity for teachers to try with their class and feedback their findings to the whole school!