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Reception and Year 1 -Bumble Bee class

In Bumble Bee Class, our topic this term has been ‘To Infinity & Beyond’. Our focus is toys, both new and old. We started off by sharing some of our favourite toys from Christmas with the class, and then continued by looking at some of the told toys that Miss Bray and Mrs Gent had bought in. It has been very interesting to see how toys have changed over time, although some haven’t changed very much at all!


 We started the term with the story ‘Kipper’s Toybox’, by Mick Inkpen. Kipper created a lost poster for his “sock thing” and we helped to find him! We then created our own sock things, made our own lost posters and created our own stories featuring our favourite toys!


After that, we looked at poems! Not only did we have a real-life poet, Matt Goodfellow, come to visit us, but we used the book ‘In the Middle of the Night’ to act out the poem ‘Animals on the Go’. We created some great actions and found the rhyming words.

Our final story of the term was ‘How to Catch a Star’, by Oliver Jeffers. Year 1 explored the text by answering questions about the text, sequencing the story and writing a book review, and then learnt how to write a good set of instructions telling someone how to catch a star! Reception have been using their imagination to decide how they would catch a star, what they would do if they had a star of their very own, and how they could help the seagull in the story.

Our science this half term has been based on materials. We have learnt all about the different types of materials and practised distinguishing between the object and the material from which it is made. We also experimented with which materials would be best to use for a raincoat!

We officially started Forest School this half term and have had a lot of fun doing it! We’ve enjoyed using our imagination to turn sticks into swords, telescopes, forks and trees. We built a bird nest, made noodle soup, explored the winter weather and even spotted the first signs of Spring! We have ended each of our forest school sessions with a one-word reflection, including the words teamwork, build, dig, soup, share, stick and fun.


In maths, Year 1 have been adding and subtracting with numbers to 20. We have used counters, number lines, and recalled our number facts. We have just started working with numbers to 50; using tens and ones to make numbers and partition them.

Reception have explored numbers 6, 7, and 8 this half term. We have loved using Numberblocks to help us to understand. We have looked at the composition of the numbers and practised counting forwards and backwards, including finding 1 more and 1 less. We have also spent some time exploring pennies and doubles.

In Design Technology, we have been making puppets! We read both the old and new versions of Little Red Riding Hood, and designed a puppet based on the characters. We explored different ways of joining fabrics (glueing and stapling) and chose which way we’d like to join our own puppet. We then made our own puppet and decorated it based on our design.



Our PE has focussed on gymnastics this half term, and we have loved it! We’ve practised hard to perfect our jumping using a springboard onto a vault, with some of us mastering our straddle jumps. We’ve enjoyed using the apparatus and the beam, and practising cartwheels.