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Class 2

Class 2 Summer 1 Review – A Poem

This term has been special, one for the ages,
We’ve learned so much, our books filled with pages.
We’ve learned about people, who’ve made a real difference,
Like Rosa Parks, who stood up with confidence.
We learned about Ada Byron and the thinking machine,
and all about Edward Jenner’s amazing smallpox vaccine.
There’s been lots of fun, and activities too,
A tennis tournament, Pyjama Day and a trip to the zoo!
We’ve managed to get through some difficult SAT’s,
and that’s just that, give yourselves a pat.
We‘ve learned about cricket,With a bat, ball, and wicket.
The life stages of animals,
From chickens to squirrels.
We’re smashing our times tables, no stopping us,
Class 2 is so awesome; we just make no fuss.
We’ve learned about distance and masses to measure,
With a trundle wheel, ruler and scales just for pleasure.
In English, we’ve written a newspaper report,
About a mystery dragon egg that Mr. Buckland brought.
We’ve acted out the story, of Little Miss Riding Hood,
The parents all laughed, and said it was so good!
Learning Spanish and ocarinas, our class is so keen!
Marking the platinum jubilee, of our glorious Queen.
What a wonderful term with sunshine galore,
one last term awaits, but the children want more!
For now, adios, have a wonderful break.
Take care, be safe, and rest what must ache.