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Being Energy Efficient

Sophia has been working hard to reassure Mr Chamelian that we are heading in the right direction and that we will save the planet. Well done Sophia, I'm sure he wasn't aware about the new building regulations. 

Dear Mr Chameleon

Thank you for your E-Mail. I understand why you are so angry, but not all of us humans (especially us here at Ab Kettleby School) are bad people.

At school we are always being taught ways to save the planet and repair some of the damage we have caused. Some of the things we do in school are: Switching lights off, recycling (everything we can), turning the heating off (when it’s not needed) and updating the lights so they are energy efficient. We have also been taught to eat locally to reduce our carbon footprint.

As a country we are slowly but surely becoming more aware of the damage that we have caused and are finding ways to live less destructively. There are more and more solar panels being placed on buildings and wind turbines being erected on land and in the sea (harvesting natural energy). Buildings have to be rated now to make sure they are energy efficient. This is a test they have to pass! We are also planting more trees and even have electric cars!

Other countries in our planet will hopefully learn from the changes we have made and follow our lead (maybe even do more!). I too am also saddened by the damage us humans have caused to the planet and the homes of millions of animals, but we are trying to change.

Hope to speak to you soon