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We don't Suck!

Archie has been working hard emailing Mr Chamelian and reassuring him that humans don't suck! An amazing email Archie! We are sure he will be very impressed with all the things Ab Kettleby children and people in Melton are doing to help the planet. 

Dear Mr Chameleon,

Your email was very inspiring, except for the part you said we suck, not all of us humans suck!

Us Ab Kettleby children are doing the best we can to save the environment, we are even recycling crisp packets. We are trying hard to save the planet by turning off our heating, electricity and gas a lot more. This means switching our lights off when we go out of a room, not doing as much washing and walking to places rather than using the car. Our TV has an auto timer on at home so it can't stay on for too long.

Lots of people in Melton have solar panels on their house roofs, to power their homes so they are less reliant on coal fire power stations. I can see houses with solar panels out of my bedroom window.

I hope this gives you some reassurance, that we don't all suck.

Thank you for reading this.