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Busy Bird Watching

Soph, Nat and Livvy were busy bees last week. They loved making rainbow handprints and then Nat and Livvy wrote about them in their diaries. Livvy got stuck in with her maths and wrote some sums all by herself (when Mummy was busy making a cup of coffee!) and Soph was apparently designing her JL ‘Super Kind Cuddles’ bear in bed! 



They loved exploring on their bikes, finding bits for Soph’s transitional art (they parked up at school just to check it was OK!) and then had fun making pizzas and used them to talk about Soph’s fractions and time work. 


They also managed to squeeze in a spot of bird-watching because they’ve seen Mummy and Daddy birds making a nest right outside the window...hours of fun! 


What beautiful transient art Soph :)

That all looks amazing girls! And thank you for checking up on school for us!