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Year 1, Week 7

Welcome to Week 5 of the Summer Term! Please see below the learning for this 'Week 7'. There is Maths, English, Phonics, Reading & Topic. As always, this is to be taken and used only if you want to, we would still love to see anything else that you've been up to during this time! Also, remember we will be posting other challenges and ideas on our Facebook page.

This week is Mental Health Awareness week, so there will be additional activities and ideas going out on Facebook and via Gateway

If you would like your learning to appear on our home learning blog, either post it to our Facebook page, or email to [email protected] 

Any questions, please direct them to [email protected] and they will be passed on to the relevant person. Please do not hesitate to ask about anything.

Remember to just try your best, and keeps smiling!

Please read on for further information about the learning this week.

Miss Bray and Mrs Hadingham

English -

  • An overview of this week's English tasks
  • Picture Perfect Text
  • Picture Perfect Questions

Phonics -

  • Spellings
  • The Mystery of the Rainbow Gold
  • The Mystery of the Rainbow Gold answers

Maths -

  • An overview of this week's maths tasks
  • Day 1 - Add by making 10
  • Day 2 - Subtract within 20
  • Day 3 - Addition and Subtraction word problems
  • Day 4 - Compare number sentences
  • Day 5 - Friday Maths Challenge
  • Tens Frames

Topic -

  • An overview of this week's topic learning
  • Minibeast game (ppt)
  • Minibeast hunt
  • person outline
  • Wellbeing - don't worry about it.